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At LifeGive & Hippocrates we've travelled far and wide and researched in-depth to understand the human body and the way traditional foods and methods of healing work upon it.

An area that we've redoubled our efforts over the last decade has been that of brain health. It's something that is vastly misunderstood. Less than 20 years ago, it was believed that our brains were in constant decline from the day we were born; that we were born with every brain cell that we would ever live with throughout our lives. Only in the last few years have doubts been cast upon this, with numerous studies (including one in Q1 of 2019) now finding that neurogenesis, the process of creating brain cells and neurons, does in fact occur in people of all ages providing that we foster the right conditions.

Superfoods for super problems

In an era when brain health is of rising concern, and conditions like Alzheimer's and dementia are affecting millions of people worldwide, and those rates of dementia are increasing, there's something of a brain health epidemic occurring.

And yet, as we commonly argue here at LifeGive, it is a disease that can be prevented if we take the right steps throughout our lifetime. Sleeping well, exercising regularly, and keeping the mind active are of course vital components of this. But so is eating the right foods. There are numerous day-to-day foods that improve brain health – berries such as blueberries, and various nuts are important, for example. However, in this era of increasing brain problems, we have to look for super solutions... or rather, superfood solutions.

From our travels and our research, we bring you a few of these superfoods that you should look to incorporate into your diet.

Gotu kola 

Gotu kola is a plant that has shown plenty of evidence of its power to support the brain in major studies. A 2016 study showed it boosting the effects of the brain and memory power of victims of strokes. It has also shown a boost to memory power and brain function of people with Alzheimer's, and has been shown to the remove the 'plaque' that forms on brain cells and can be a major contributing factor to Alzheimer's.

Ginkgo Biloba 

A powerful plant-based superfood that's been known to help users cut through 'brain fog'. Well, that feeling of beating brain fog relates physiologically to the powerful effects this plant has on the brain. Studies have shown it provides boosts to memory function, and can even affect the behavior of a dementia patient supplementing with it. It's all to do with the increased blood flow it provides to the brain.

Bacopia leaf 

A common food in Ayurvedic medicine – something we learnt we quickly was to understood different civilizations and their histories of medical treatment, as many held the secrets of healing. This is one such example. Bacopia leaf has been shown to increase the lengths and branches of dendrites – parts of brain cells associated with connecting with other cells. The results? Studies show increased learning capacity and speed, more effective memories, and better information processing in the brain.

Conscious Brain

We've packaged these superfoods, along with other major brain boosting whole foods and compounds, into LifeGive Conscious Brain. This revolutionary brain boosting supplement can be taken daily to support the prevention of dementia onset, and also preventing cases of dementia and Alzheimer's from worsening so quickly.

LifeGive Conscious Brain also boosts the day-to-day activities of the brain, clearing brain fog and bringing a sense of vitality to the mind as you improve memory and recall, and process information more rapidly.

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