The link between obesity and the immune system

The link between obesity and the immune system

A burden on the immune system

The link between weight, obesity and the immune system has long been understood by medical researchers and scientists across the world. For most people there is an ideal 'natural' weight. Contrary to popular belief, this isn't about having as little fat as possible and showing off washboard abs. Many athletes and models can get wiped out by a common cold, because their immune system is highly stressed. Some fat is necessary to maintain optimal immunity and hormonal balance.

But for most of us, the problem lies in the other direction – having too much fat on the body. And the results can be devastating. Long-term chronic illnesses take root much more easily, but our bodies also have difficulty in fighting off more commonplace diseases such as cold and flu.


There are numerous reasons for this. The largest is to do with chronic inflammation or 'meta-inflammation' in the body, which has knock-on effects for the immune system. Put simply, when you're carrying too much weight, you have constant over inflammation within the body's systemic areas. Thus, when infection takes hold, a normal healthy person's immune system kicks into gear straight away to fight the virus, beats it away, and then supports with recovery. Meanwhile an overweight person has an immune system that is slower to react, blunted in its defence, and slower to recover from problems.

What's also concerning is that medical treatments when needed, such as antivirals and vaccination, work less effectively in an overweight person's body, compounding the issues with their own immune system being weak.

Other issues

Outside of the issues with inflammation, obesity is something of a heuristic for evaluating other aspects of a person's life. We can safely assume that someone who is overweight is not eating an optimal diet, rich in raw plant-based foods, which help to fight off infection. Similarly, they are unlikely to be exercising regularly – something that is proven to boost the immune system over the long-term.

They are also likely experiencing undue stress from regular activities, impacting upon the immune system constantly. We've all heard someone say 'I'm so out of shape that I can't walk up a flight of stairs without having to catch my breath'. Whilst it's something of an adage, it points to constant stressors on the body.

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