The Essential Immune Boosting Vitamin - D3

Vegan D3 from LifeGive

Vitamin D3 – an essential right now

Vitamin D3 has long been found to be one of the most potent immune-system boosting micronutrients that we can provide to the human body. Distinct from D2, which most supplements provide, D3 is highly bioavailable and useful for the body, and supports it in preventing disease from taking root as well as helping the body to fight off illnesses more quickly.

D3 has been spotlighted again recently due to the ongoing pandemic and crisis around COVID-19.

Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, have published a groundbreaking study in the Irish Medical Journal highlighting Vitamin D3 as one of the key preventative aids against coronavirus, and also showing how it limits the severity of infection.

Dr Declan Byrne, one of the authors of the study, has recommended the immediate actionable step of supplementing all hospital inpatients, nursing home residents, and older adults with Vitamin D3. He has also recommended supplementing all other adults where possible and particularly frontline workers with Vitamin D3, believing it will help 'flatten the curve' of the crisis. This study has been taken on by the UK Government, who are now recommending that all adults supplement with Vitamin D3.

Why your body may be low

There's a great irony that D3 is essential right now, and yet our bodies are likely to be in low supply. This is because a key natural provider of vitamin D3 is sunlight. However, with ongoing lockdown measures across various States, we are unlikely to be getting enough sunlight to provide the required amount of Vitamin D3 in our body.

LifeGive D3 is highly potent and comes from natural plant-based sources. It comes in a dose that's ideal for boosting and maintaining high quality D3 levels and an efficient immune system.

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