Is it really possible to reverse aging?

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End aging

Aging has been one of the great mysteries of the nature of being human. From early civilizations, age was looked at with wonder. A process that afflicts us all, and slowly but surely guides us through life like the hand of fate. It takes us from being weak, infantile, and relying upon care to being fit, healthy and strong, but then in time returning to a state of weakness. From Greek gods who defied aging, to ancient manuscripts found in Egyptian civilizations with guidance on preventing aging, we have always been obsessed with the idea of slowing its progress.

Only now can we truly understand the process though, thanks to modern day scientific discoveries. There are many conflicting views still on aging, and different theories continue to rear their head, but in all likelihood age is a combination of multiple factors. One of the most promising theories of aging is the mitochondrial theory of aging. Mitochondria are the energy centres of the cell... almost like little nuclear reactors which power each and every cell and subsequently power us up.

However, these, over time, become damaged. They become ravaged by toxins, infections, oxidative stress and more, and even by their own day-to-day usage. In time then they produce less energy, less power. And the result is a lack of energy for us as people. Notice how energy levels feel like they decline as we age? This is the mitochondria becoming less effective. But they also lose power for other major tasks which lead to visible signs of aging. For example, they can no longer channel as much energy towards maintaining a good skin structure, resulting in wrinkles and sagging skin.

How to stop this

Ending aging isn't easy. It requires a multi-faceted and multi-layered approach and strategy. In fact, the science still has a long way to go, and we are only armed with so much knowledge. However, that knowledge may not provide us the ability to prevent aging altogether, but it certainly gives us enough power to slow aging considerably, reduce visible signs, and extend our lifespans.

Many of the answers lie in working with your body's natural processes. Stressing less, eating better (a raw plant-based diet ideally), and sleeping more all prevent damage to the mitochondria. When it comes to skin aging, though, one factor was more effective than nearly anything else in major studies – enzymatic support. In particular, CoEnzyme Q10 (or CoQ10).

A set of major studies performed using skin biopsies and application of CoQ10 found that, despite the decade-on-decade mitochondrial activity decrease that occurs as we age, CoQ10 provides approximately 30% boost to their oxygen consumption and activity rates. By providing an energy boost of 30%, you are effectively turning back the clock several decades on skin age, allowing skin and epidermis cells to begin undertaking tasks they've been unable to for several years, such as enhancing skin structure and skin tissue repair.

Similar effects have been found elsewhere in the body when people take CoQ10 supplements – the results have been so integral that, whilst diet, sleep and stress will all be primary recommendations to people looking to prevent aging, CoQ10 supplementation comes very soon afterwards in our anti-aging and vitality enhancement strategies.

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