Enzymatic decline - What happens when we age.

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What happens when we age

"Age is but a number" or so the old adage goes. How true is this? Of course, there are instances of people living vibrant and exciting lives into their old age, and there are people who defy the physical odds that age places upon them, with people like Fauja Singh running marathons even into the age of 100.

We can fight many factors of age through how we live our lives. A good diet slows age dramatically, with a raw plant-based diet being the most efficient in this regard. Plenty of exercise keeps our body working well and slows the ageing process. Minimizing stress in our lives leaves us not only feeling youthful and vibrant, but has been proven to reduce the physical and mental impacts of age. And ensuring sleep is high on your priority list ensures you get the rest you need to repair and heal your body.

Enzymatic decline

But there is one physiological factor that is responsible beyond all others for human ageing and the physical impediments that it puts upon us – the decline in bodily enzymes. This is practically unavoidable, and kickstarts in all humans at around the age of 25-30. Enzymes are, in many ways, what keeps the body working and performing its many millions of day-to-day tasks. From digestive enzymes that breakdown and utilize the food we eat, to those which are responsible for caring for our body, repairing tissue damage, and protecting organs and joints.

Nearly every natural signal of age can be traced back to our decline in bodily enzymes. These include those external signals such as wrinkles appearing on our faces and grey hair sprouting (or indeed, for many men, no hair sprouting at all anymore). But it also relates to those signs of age that we can feel – the ones that we talk about and impact upon our wellbeing. Joints feeling sore and stiff, to bodily aches and pains, to a loss in strength and physical fitness.

The immune system is highly at risk from lower enzyme counts. It's one of the chief reasons why people who are older get sicker from illnesses, virus and diseases, whilst a young person can shrug them off more quickly.

When we hear about most athletic endeavors, it's common to hear that at the mere age of 30 people have passed their athletic prime. If you've not made the NBA courts or the NFL fields at that point, your time is up. It's certainly no coincidence that this ties in with the approximate time that our enzyme levels begin their steady decline.

So, what can we do about this? Well, thankfully, the answer is simple. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend any effective solutions to prevent enzyme loss. It's a fact of life and a fact of ageing. However, we can bolster our enzyme supplies and simple dietary supplementation will do the trick.

Our Systemic Enzymes formula contains all of the major health-enhancing enzymes that your body needs – the main enzymes that begin to drop off with age. We provide them in abundance, meaning you can feel youthful again as your body's main systems begin working to full effect, just like when you were young and had a full enzyme supply.

They are also extremely effective at bolstering the immune system. As one reviewer on the LifeGive website has stated, "I started taking Systemic enzymes a few years ago and haven’t gotten sick since. They are amazing!"

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