Bolstering the immune system from head to toe

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Chlorella - natural immunity from head-to-toe

Chlorella is among the most amazing natural foods available to mankind. A single cell, blue green algae which provides a whole wealth of benefits for your body and mind. We're advocates of taking chlorella over the long-term - several grams a day can see you obtain a boost of natural vitamins and minerals, as well as phytonutrients that haven't been truly understood yet. We know this much - chlorella prevents and reverses nearly every lifestyle disease you can encounter in older age, from heart disease, to cancer, to dementia.

However, the short term powers of chlorella are sometimes undeservedly less of a focus. We are all looking for ways boost our immune systems, and chlorella has some unique properties which make it an essential addition to your immunity regime.

Viruses and bacteria vs. chlorella

Numerous studies have been performed with chlorella, routinely showing off the powers of this amazing algae when it comes to fighting both bacterial and viral infections. Simply by using chlorella, studies have shown significantly strengthened immune systems which subsequently helps fight off infections.

What makes this particularly exciting is that the effects were witnessed on both bacterial and viral infections. This means it provides full support against all manner of bugs, viruses, colds, flus and more. Typically, infections such as chest infections, ear infections, or strep throat are caused by bacteria. Meanwhile, flu and colds are viral. There can be some crossover - a cold can sometimes weaken the immune system enough for a chest infection to take hold, for example. However, with chlorella you get the full level of immunity in the body.

Human studies that have recently been performed have had staggering results. In 2012, the Nutrition Journal published a study looking at the immunostimulatory effects short-term intake of chlorella caused. Within a few weeks of chlorella usage, immune systems were boosted significantly. This included an overall higher concentration of T-cells, but even immune boosting effects in the saliva of the subjects. In effect, this means that the first line of defence against bacterial and viral infections had been strengthened - the immune system may not even have to deal with the incoming illness at all.

Of course, none of this even accounts for the benefits chlorella provides by giving the body a healthy dose of immune boosting micronutrients like vitamin C and iron, as well as a beneficial macronutrient profile including high quantities of quality plant-based protein and omega 3 fatty acids.

So, whilst research is still somewhat in its infancy around how chlorella can benefit you against colds, infections, and flu, so far it has been deemed highly beneficial. Consider including it in your supplement regime to bolster your immune system. See LifeGive Chlorella for more information.

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