The essential vitamin that over 20% of the population is deficient in

The essential vitamin that over 20% of the population is deficient in

Chronic deficiency

We all know that the Standard American Diet (often aptly called the SAD diet) is not ideal when it comes to natural health and fitness. We live in a broken system where food conglomerates rule our airwaves with their advertising and marketing, whilst drug companies and medical corporates clean up our bank balance as we age.

It's difficult to change an entire culture. But applying the 80/20 rule (i.e. the 20% that you can change to make 80% of the difference) there are a few basic rules that we would love to see implemented across people's general diet plans. Firstly, a focus on eating more plants, ideally raw, will go a long, long way to improving people's health. After that (and before even touching upon sleep and exercise) we would look to end the chronic epidemic of B12 deficiency.

How to get B12

B12 is a nutrient we evolved to require, with our ancestors acquiring their B12 from soil in prior generations. B12 is actually produced by bacteria, but through a combination of modern agriculture destroying the ecosystem for that bacteria in the soil, and through the washing of fruits and vegetables, we can no longer source B12 naturally. We can only acquire it through supplementation.

There is a misnomer for many dieticians and nutritionists that B12 can be sourced from animal products, and therefore doesn't require supplementation. Well, guess where farm animals get their B12? That's right, supplements. All we are doing is consuming the supplement through a secondary source. Our soil is so utterly degraded that we simply cannot source B12 outside of supplementation.

And yet it's so essential. It has major impacts on our body, causing physical weakness, general tiredness, as well as the constriction of blood vessels which can lead to cold hands and feet, regular pins and needles, and even painful sores.

Even more concerning is its impact on the mind. Deficiency can mean mental health issues such as depression and anxiety occurring more frequently, but there's even significant evidence to show that the brain breaks down over prolonged periods of deficiency, leading to Alzheimer's and dementia. There is certainly considerable overlap between the 9% of the elderly population who suffer from dementia, and those who are short of B12.

Time to supplement

B12 is one of the cheapest, most effective, and beneficial supplements available. We carefully craft ours using natural food state ingredients, whilst most off-the-shelf B12 is made with cyanocobalamin – a derivative of cyanide (as evidenced by the 'cyano' portion of the name).

For just a few cents a day, you can prevent yourself from suffering from the debilitating issues surrounding our nation's most prevalent vitamin deficiency. Try LifeGive B12 and feel the vitality provided to you and your brain.

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