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Our friends, bacteria

It's all too easy to look at the human body as a single organism that functions and operates using its own 'machinery' – the organs within (heart, kidneys, lungs etc.) and without it (the skin), a central operating system in the brain, and structural integrity from bones and muscles that keeps the machine operating as part of a community of humans.

And yet, we are not a single organism. Our body functions thanks to the trillions upon trillions of microorganisms that operate within it. Firstly, there are those that the body creates and utilizes for its own gains – these are primarily cells. Cells keep blood flowing around the body, they keep the immune system operating to high levels, and they make up our brain.

Whilst the body can control the production of cells, it cannot control the other major microorganisms that live within it. A vast amount of our entire bodily matter is made up of bacteria. 2kg of this alone sits within the epicentre for bacterial activity: our gut.

Our body is made up of 100 trillion+ bacteria. To compare this to our body's own cells, there are approximately 10 trillion cells within our body at any one time. In other words, bacteria outnumbers the cells in our body 10 to 1.

Whilst the body can control cell production to a certain degree, bacteria is completely out of its control. And the issue is that there are good and bad bacteria in the body. Good ones can work symbiotically with our body and help us to function well. Bad ones can tear our body down and stop it working well. We know of the countless bacterial infections that humans can suffer from, but many malignant bacteria are much less obvious in their effects and can cause long term decline and degeneration of bodily functions over many years.

When it comes to where the bacteria live, the vast majority are held within our gut. Despite living within our gut, they affect far reaches of the body including the brain and the circulatory system.

As such, when it comes to fostering great levels of good bacteria within the body, we recommend focusing on the gut first and foremost. The gut can be helped in two major ways:
  1. Eat better - a raw and plant-based diet is ideal for gut bacteria. They thrive off of soluble and insoluble fiber, and such a diet provides plenty. Meanwhile, foods like meat and dairy can damage good bacteria and such foods even harbor plenty of bad bacteria too.
  2. Use a superpowered probiotic - many off the shelf probiotics are not worth the capsules they're put in. They have far too few bacteria in them (often 1-2 billion), far too few strains meaning you don't get a good balance, and degrade too quickly, meaning the bacteria is mostly dead by the time you get it home or die in the stomach acid.

We have designed a super-superpowered probiotic to help with the latter issue. LifeGive Probiotic provides over 92.5 billion bacteria per serving in 10 different strains, combined with enzymes to help bioavailability. The capsules are engineered for delayed release, meaning they pass through the stomach acid with no issues.

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