Inflammation – good or bad for immunity?

Inflammation – good or bad for immunity?

Inflammation is banded around as if it's a negative thing these days. People talk about anti-inflammatory diets and reducing inflammation in the body in order to boost health. It makes sense; after all, inflammation is taxing on the body. But inflammation is also an immune response.


Acute inflammation

In fact, without inflammation we wouldn't be able to heal or fight off infection. Whether it's an injury caused by physical distress, such as a sprained ankle or a cut, or a result of infection like a sore throat, inflammation is commonplace and vital for healing. What's important to note, however, is that this is relatively short term. The body is releasing signal chemicals call cytokines which rallies the immune system's troops – hormones, immune cells, and available nutrition. But after some time, the infection and damage subsides and things return to normal. This is what we call acute inflammation – it's a sign of a healthy immune system, and necessary for fighting off problems.

Chronic inflammation

So, what are people talking about when they speak about reducing inflammation? Really, this is about chronic inflammation. This is a low level, constant inflammatory response often caused by autoimmune diseases, bad dietary choices, or problems within the body such as carrying excess weight. This is essentially triggered by perceived threats to the body. It's something that your body doesn't fully understand, so once again it rallies the troops and attacks, sometimes even damaging its own systems, mistaking them to be infections.

This is where the problems lie. Over the long-term, inflammation has been found to be among the most significant triggers for a decline in lifespan. Over the short and medium term, chronic inflammation leads to huge problems for the immune system. To put it simply, your immune system only has a limited number of resources. If it's deploying these the wrong way, it's leaving major gaps in its defences and allowing infection and disease to take root.

To maintain a strong immune system, we should be looking for ways to reduce chronic inflammation without bodies.

The two most effective ways of doing this are firstly by eating a raw, plant-based diet. Animal-based foods, in particularly dairy, trigger phenomenal amounts of chronic inflammation within the body.

Secondly, we should be using turmeric – the single most powerful natural anti-inflammatory available. It contains a powerful anti-inflammatory compound called curcumin – more powerful than most chemical anti-inflammatories, yet completely natural and healthy. The main issue with curcumin is that there's not much in turmeric and it's not very bioavailable.

We've isolated curcumin from turmeric and supplied it with a compound called bioperine – a natural compound found in black pepper that boosts curcumin absorption by over 1000%. We've packaged these in our groundbreaking formula, Curcumin Enhanced.


Curcumin Enhanced

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