Healing the colon after antibiotic usage

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Restoring health after antibiotics

Antibiotics are a medical marvel, but should always be a last resort. There are many conditions with which we require antibiotics to heal, such as certain bacterial infections which can be hazardous if they remain in the body for too long. Equally, it is important to utilize antibiotics when immune systems are incredibly weak, such as immediately after major surgery (although this should be combined with immune system boosting activity and supplementation too).

We are not anti-antibiotics. But we do believe the mainstream medical community underplays the negative impacts that antibiotics can have upon the human body. We also feel more attention needs to be given to the follow-up processes you should undertake after antibiotic usage.

The best way to view antibiotics is similar to a nuclear bomb for your body. The release of antibiotics into your system completely wipes out bacterial infection and leaves the body almost uninhabitable to most forms of bacteria which are not antibiotic-resistant. In the weeks following, your body's systems slowly restore and in time you become a viable host for bacteria once again.

However, in addition to wiping out harmful bacteria, antibiotics also destroy many of the positive bacterial systems within your body. The area that this most heavily impacts is your gut, where you harbor the most bacteria. Antibiotics can wreak havoc upon the gut, destroying what is effectively a symbiotic ecosystem between your gut and the bacteria that lives there and aids in numerous tasks, as well boosting the immune system and protecting the body.

Preventing these problems

Let's reiterate: antibiotic usage is sometimes a necessity, but we recommend understanding how to rebuild and heal following use. Without doing so, you leave yourself at risk in the long-term of further infection and issues. There are even links between usage of antibiotics and colon cancer, due to how the gut is effected.

Traditionally, we recommended eating a diet rich in probiotics, using foods like kombucha and kimchi to restore gut health. We also supply a range of supplements that can support probiotic growth in your gut.

However, recently we decided to tackle this very issue head on. We've crafted a revolutionary new probiotic supplement: LifeGive Instinct Probiotic. This carefully designed supplement is packed with prebiotics and probiotics, and encased in such a way that it will pass through your stomach acid (a common flaw in most probiotic supplements is that the stomach acid kills them).

When it reaches the gut, a timed release activates and over 40 billion strains of probiotic and prebiotic bacteria are released, ready to heal the colon and intestines. 

This is an essential supplement to use after antibiotic use, and we would even recommend everyone uses it once if they've never used a concentrated probiotic supplement – this populates your gut with some of the most healing and vitality-enhancing bacteria in the world.

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  • Hi there, is this product good to take after a course of antibiotics to help restore gut health?

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